Replacement Dwelling in Open Countryside

Transforming an Ailing Farmstead: Creating a Sustainable, Contemporary Dwelling Amidst Countryside Charm.

Our client embarked on a unique journey, taking possession of a dilapidated farmhouse marred by fire damage and structural neglect. Alongside this challenge, the property featured an array of weathered outbuildings.

After thorough consultation and exploration of various possibilities, we successfully navigated the planning process to secure approval for a new, high-quality dwelling on the site.

The proposed house showcases a distinctive crescent-shaped footprint, meticulously designed to embrace passive solar principles. Its facade remains discreet to the public, particularly along the path that skirts the property. Upon reaching the southern side, the dwelling unfolds, with an elegantly overhanging roof providing essential shading for extensive glazing. This architectural approach offers expansive views down the property and maximizes natural light.

In a nod to the region’s rural heritage, our contemporary design tastefully incorporates traditional vernacular elements. Slate roofs, timber cladding, and stone walls lend a timeless charm, with materials thoughtfully salvaged from the original farmhouse, slated for demolition.

Our comprehensive design also includes broader enhancements, such as a thoughtfully landscaped swale, integrated into the surface water drainage strategy for this property and its neighbouring site. This project stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of modern living with the serene beauty of the countryside.

The 3D visualization on the right depicts our envisioned outcome once the project is completed, while the image below serves as a ‘before’ reference, highlighting the substantial improvement it brings to the current setting.

Another 3D visualization of the project within its contextual surroundings, these images played a pivotal role throughout the planning process, facilitating productive engagement with the planning department. As before, the ‘before’ image can be found below for comparison.

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