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Open Countryside Planning Success!

An accessible home for health and happiness! Another successful planning consent by our Shropshire Architects, this time for a new house in designated ‘Open Countryside’ for our lovely clients who state:

‘We love the ethos behind this design’!

There is a lack of available housing that properly allows for those living with a disability. From the outset, the project was conceived as an opportunity to create a special place with specific residential needs but facilitating change if required. Our clients go on to say:

‘By designing our own home we hope to develop a special design to suit our specific needs’.

The design is very flexible and allows adaptations e.g. opportunities to add/remove partitions or a lift etc. As our clients it allows them to:

‘Create a home that can adapt with them, (as their), health and age changes.’

Newly constructed homes in the open countryside pose unique challenges compared to those in more conventional residential areas. This particular project is subject to the regulations of the local planning authority, Telford and Wrekin Council, and had to align with the specifications outlined in Policy HO 10.

The Council necessitates a compelling case demonstrating that the proposal exhibits exceptional quality or innovative design. A crucial step in this process involves a Design Midlands review preceding the formal planning stage. This review entails an evaluation by an independent, impartial, and multidisciplinary panel, offering insightful and expert guidance. Securing a favourable outcome during this design review significantly bolsters the likelihood of a successful planning application.

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