Why is an architect helpful?

With over two decades of delivering over 700 architectural projects, Johnson Design Partnership Ltd stands as a trusted name in Shropshire, the West Midlands and beyond. Johnson Design Partnership Ltd, (JDP Architects), has a number of repeat clients and has consistently demonstrated problem-solving expertise with a diverse portfolio.

Employing a proper architect can, in reality, offer invaluable support for projects of any shape and size. This article aims to highlight how expert guidance can not only save time and money but also elevate the quality of the final outcome, ensuring it stands the test of time.

Directors of Johnson Design Partnership Ltd. Vic Johnson (left), Matt Spinks (right)


Four key reasons for involving an architect on your construction project are:


1. IMPARTIAL ADVICE – Beyond our design expertise, our Shropshire Architects serve as a comprehensive independent advisor for our clients. Our role involves managing, inspecting, and, when necessary, questioning decisions throughout the entire project lifecycle. This ensures a seamless dialogue between you and other consultants involved, acting as a critical sounding board to mediate and enhance decision-making processes. Our objective perspective is aimed at safeguarding your interests, ensuring that every choice made contributes positively to the project’s success.

Qualified Architects comprehensively train for seven years, delving into various aspects of land law, contract law, and the diverse methodologies for procuring construction services. This extensive education uniquely equips us to guide clients through project execution effectively.

JDP Architects consistently advocate a tendering process when initiating construction projects. Typically, we recommend a selective tender approach, from contractors who have performed well on similar projects in the past. (Additionally, we welcome input from contractors preferred by our clients). This considered selection process serves as a cornerstone, enabling our clients to make informed decisions by facilitating direct cost comparisons and ensuring optimal value for their investments.


2. CREATIVE THINKING – As architects, JDP Architects engage in a comprehensive analysis of various design parameters. This, coupled with experience of when may be required for specific scenarios, enables us to offer innovative suggestions that can enhance your initial design ideas, taking them to a higher level.

Whether it’s optimizing light and space, integrating additional functionality, or ensuring harmony with existing architectural styles and site conditions, our goal is to realize your vision in a way that exceeds expectations.


3. PLANNING AND COORDINATION – Effective project management is crucial to the timely and successful completion of any project… ‘winging it’ isn’t advised. (Click this link to read more.)

We have established a robust network of specialists, engineers, and contractors. While the performance of contractors cannot be guaranteed, we strive to compile a tender list comprising contractors known for their commendable past performance, thereby minimizing risks and ensuring a smoother project flow.


4. TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE – Our team is well-versed in planning laws, building regulations, and other critical legal frameworks such as Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations and energy efficiency standards. This comprehensive knowledge ensures that projects not only meet but exceed the required statutory requirements, providing peace of mind and a solid foundation for your project’s success.

During construction, we would typically act as contract administrators. The contract administrator acts as an impartial administrator for the contract.

This entails overseeing the project’s contractual obligations, ensuring adherence to specifications, and resolving disputes that may arise during the construction process. With a comprehensive understanding of the contractual framework, we facilitate effective communication and maintain the project’s momentum, ultimately striving to achieve your objectives while ensuring the integrity of the construction agreement.


In summary, the benefits of engaging an experienced architect extend far beyond the initial design phase, offering creative solutions, strategic planning, and expert advice that collectively serve to save time, reduce costs, and elevate the overall quality of the final product.


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