When It Comes to Construction and Architecture, “Winging It” Isn’t Wise

There are many situations in which the term ‘winging it’ is applicable. People use it during a cooking show, haphazardly throwing together ingredients in the hopes of creating something edible. Action heroes coin the term when faced with a perilous situation (see: Die Hard) and athletes claim they were ‘winging it’ when a situation spiralled out of control, yet they come away with a gold medal. 

These three examples are ones where the eventual outcome usually turned out for the best. But, when it comes to construction and architecture, a lack of forward-thinking and planning can have far more serious consequences.

Site analysis by our Shropshire architects – Things are a bit more complicated than with your typical LEGO set.

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Successfully completing a project is a long process, requiring thought and planning, but it’s by no means impossible. Our Shropshire architects have successfully completed numerous construction and architecture projects to date of varying size and complexity. Our workload continues to increase and this is something we relish because it allows us to further showcase our skills and get our creative juices flowing.

Imagine you have a box of LEGO but no manual for how to build something. This may be the first time you’ve ever tried to assemble a bunch of the plastic blocks infamous for the pain they cause if you tread on one, and so you decide that you’ll ‘wing it’. In many ways, the construction and architecture process that our Shropshire architects undergo is similar, though far more complex and with far less improvisation.

To continue with the LEGO analogy, there are many more factors that go into creating a contemporary house design. Have you ensured that your building has windows that allow for visibility where needed, but also privacy? Are the foundations structurally sound, meaning there’s little to no chance of anything crumbling to the ground and leaving your plastic chums homeless? What about a risk of flooding because of a bath or spilled drink? Have you factored in noise pollution from pesky siblings and ease of accessibility to your building?

construction and architecture

Eco house by our Shropshire architects.

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Despite there being an air of humour to the above paragraph, there are very real safety requirements to meet when designing and planning a project of any type, size, or complexity.

Nobody, save maybe for Nosferatu, wants to feel like they are trapped in their own home or workspace, and windows allow for a sense of connection with the outside world. It’s important to position these correctly so that natural light can enter a space, but it’s also important to make sure some allow for privacy too- after all, you don’t want any peeping Toms staring in!

A contemporary house design project may have foundations on several layers of ground, and the terrain may vary. As such, digging a hole and sticking in some support beams is not the wisest idea. You don’t want to be eating your tea one minute, then suddenly sliding down the hillside the next.

Our Shropshire architects at our architect firm have completed projects on the riverside where floods can be a risk to the structure, as such construction and architecture planning and adapting accordingly is crucial. Similarly, coastal projects must account for strong winds and heavy rain, as well as the damage caused by salt water and the risk of erosion.

Sounds of partying fiends, or motorbikes zooming past at three in the morning can be forms of noise pollution that are a problem for many, as is accessibility to a property. The legality of if you can work on the area of land you want, alongside noise pollution and accessibility, are things that our Shropshire architects account for when designing and planning a project and will discuss with you. 

It’s not an impossibility to bring projects to life whilst sticking to both the clients wants and the safety requirements, but if you’ve no experience in this area, ‘winging it’ is certainly not advised. As head honcho Vic Johnson once said, “There’s nothing wrong with being the Da Vinci of the LEGO world, but in reality, there’s a more to it than smashing two blocks together and hoping for the best.” Truly inspirational.

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Whether it be construction and architecture, contemporary house design, extensions, adaptations, new builds, personal or business projects, in-land or by the sea, the knowledge and experience that the talented folk at our architect firm have accrued over the years means you don’t have to worry about your vision not coming to life in some sort of Frankenstein’s monster fashion because you didn’t plan accordingly.

Not only do they want to ensure you come away satisfied, but they hope to build a personal relationship with those they deal with, to our Shropshire architects it’s about more than just business, it’s about a sense of community and treating people like individuals, not just another number on a spreadsheet.

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