When Building by the River, Consult an Architect Firm First

Riverside Dwelling. Design by Johnson Design Partnership.

Whilst certain beautiful areas of the planet aren’t suitable for human structures, a riverside project is often highly achievable. In recent years, riverside projects have become more popular, with people wanting a slice of nature within reach of their back garden. There are other factors that have contributed to this shift, such as increased demand for towns and cities to spread horizontally instead of vertically. This means it’s only logical that unused space needs to be adapted and made suitable.

Our architect firm has a track record of such projects successfully, it may help that our Shropshire-based business has the river Severn on our doorstep. Not to mention many of our West Midlands architects projects are based around water-rich areas. But, even if we didn’t have this natural advantage, a dash of creativity and sparks of innovation resides within each member of the team. 

There’s an increasing number of people with lofty riverside house plans, wanting to surround themselves in natural beauty and be in tune with the world around them. Whether these dreams come to life is a matter for our experienced architects to create the planning drawings and showcase the talent they have.

Riverside House Plans

Drone view of the River Severn showing some of the riverside properties by Johnson Design Partnership, including the renovations to the listed Bishop Percy’s House and new build houses.

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What Planning Drawings Must Take into Account

The implications for designing and completing riverside projects are often beneficial to all. But in reality, there are serious considerations that must be taken into consideration when designing and completing a riverside project. For example, the river Severn, which our team is experienced with, is also notorious for flooding. If the riverside house plans fail to take mother nature into account, a dream home becomes a nightmare reality. Poor planning can lead to quite a serious problem that comes back year after year.

Alongside this, the stability of the land must be taken into consideration in the planning drawings phase. This means ensuring the ground is suitable to hold the structures of the building. Adding stilts to a building foundation design or retaining walls to certain areas are some ways our West Midlands architects can mitigate the risk that natural erosion poses to riverside house plans and projects.

Regarding the viability of the land, the building logistics need to be taken into account as well. It’s all well and good to have a fleet of construction vehicles at your disposal, but if the stability of the land is not assured, this can severely delay or postpone the riverside house plans project. That’s why our architect firm thoroughly scopes the viability of each project. To us, these risks are merely a slight hurdle which our architects are skilled enough to leap over, as our track record has proven.

Whilst it may seem like a daunting task with numerous safety concerns, we relish in undertaking such work. It’s our passion to help clients bring their vision to life. Our West Midlands architects’ portfolio of riverside projects has allowed us to embrace the natural landscape around each project. There’s such a vast range of potential directions to go down when drawing up riverside house plans. Safety measurements may have to adhere to strict guidelines and planning drawings, but there’s no limit on creativity and innovation. 

Not only does our architect firm ensure our client’s needs are met, we ensure the project is a benefit to the community as a whole too. By designing riverside house plans, with longevity and sustainability in mind, Mother Nature can rest easy. The aim of creating healthy relationships with clients and communities means that there’s no need to fear innovation and change. 

Dependent on what specific needs are to be met, riverside house plans can vary drastically from one to the next. However, no matter then similarities or differences, Our West Midlands architects’ have proven they are more than capable of helping these dream projects become a reality. It’s not just about business, it’s about making friends and growing healthy relationships within a community.

riverside architecture

Riverside properties by Johnson Design Partnership.

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