Our Architect Firm Loves the Works of Extension Architect Richard Murphy, In Part Because of His Selflessness

Our Shropshire architects like to give respect where it’s due and note the influence that other architects and designers have had on them. It’s a way of recognising the greatness of others and spreading positivity, whilst also allowing our architect firm to go on and innovate in our own work.

Whilst many of those who have left a mark (metaphorically, there’re been no fisticuffs) on Whilst many of those who have left a mark (metaphorically, there’re been no fisticuffs) on our Shropshire architects, we have long since moved on to another realm, maybe Valhalla, there are some still with us today. With that in mind, it’s time to take a look at the ongoing life of British extension architect and businessman- Richard Murphy.

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Richard Murphy’s ‘stunning’ Edinburgh 2016 RIBA House of the Year.

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Richard Murphy OBE was born on April 24th, 1955. We can’t include a date for his passing yet as the influential architect is still in good health. Maybe he’s designed and built a room that can prolong human life, though this remains unconfirmed.

Murphy is not only the founder, but also the principal architect of Richard Murphy Architects. His architect firm is based in Edinburgh. His independence and passion for his work are one of the things that inspire our Shropshire architects; they are team players but are aware that each member can produce quality work independently too.

Murphy took university studies at both Newcastle University and Edinburgh University. Much like the number of projects he’d go on to complete, one seems to have not been enough for Murphy and this dedication to his studies is another inspiring trait that our architect firm admires about the man.

Unsurprisingly, thanks to his skillset and knowledge, Murphy formed his architect firm – Richard Murphy Architects – in 1991. The architect firm, as noted earlier, is based in Edinburgh, the area itself being one Murphy is accustomed with. Local knowledge, so they say, is always a bonus. The architect firm currently has over twenty architects involved, so there’s clearly no shortage of creativity and innovation bubbling away inside. Well, there are people inside at least, with that creativity and innovation inside them, hopefully, they aren’t leaking anything they shouldn’t be.

Early on, the architect firm dedicated its work to designing extensions with reputable extension archiects providing houses and mews conversions. However, since then they’ve branched out and blossomed like a strong, majestic oak and their portfolio now includes projects in education, healthcare, the arts, and commercial work. What’s standout here to our architects in Shrewsbury is that many of these projects are aimed to benefit not just an initial client, but a mass of people, in various walks of life. It’s not all about business, it’s about caring for the individuals and recognising that’s what we all are- this is an ethos are architect firm holds close to our hearts too.

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In 1995 Murphy’s healthcare architects designed the first Maggie Centres in Edinburgh. This particular site is now the administrative headquarters for Maggie’s. The healthcare architects designed centres to aid cancer treatment and the building itself is designed without any corridors, which was done to avoid an institutional feel. As with many projects undertaken by our architect firm, designing a space that actually feels somewhat ‘human’ as opposed to a facility for robots is key, and Richard Murphy’s healthcare architects show his belief in this too.

Not content with just being a healthcare architect and designer though, Murphy has published literature and appeared on television. He published a book on Carlo Scarpa and also presented a Channel 4 documentary about the architect. Murphy also co-wrote An Architect’s Appreciation of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and in 2012 published a book titled Of Its Time and of Its Place: The Work of Richard Murphy Architects. The way in which Murphy respects others in his field and promotes their works and teachings shows his understanding that it’s a group effort by all. No one architect is perfect, but they can all learn from and inspire others- another belief that our architect firm holds true to themselves.

Not only have his published books and television appearances helped Murphy provide his own insights about architect and design to others, as well as the knowledge he himself learnt from those before, but he’s also been an avid teacher throughout his lifetime. He has teaching experience at Robert Gordon University and Edinburgh College of Art. Not only this, but Murphy has taught internationally at the Technical University of Braunschweig, the University of Virginia, and Syracuse University. He’s held lectures in Aberdeen, Barcelona, Iceland, and Glasgow; he even completed a lecture tour in South Africa in 2006. To say the man isn’t well-travelled would be ludicrous, and to say it’s not selfless to want to share his knowledge and experience with the world to better it and help others is just ignorant.

Murphy is also, on top of all that mentioned above, a Member of the RIBA, a Fellow of the RIAS, an Academician of the Royal Scottish Academy, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and an Honorary Fellow of Napier University. The man is part of more organisations than Netflix has subscribers (possibly).

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Noting the Work of Extension Architect Richard Murphy

It may come as no surprise then to hear that Richard Murphy Architects has won 20 RIBA Awards to date, whilst he himself was appointed an OBE in the New Year’s Honours (January 2007) for services to architecture. He was the only practising architect on the list, the rest are dreaming peacefully in their perfectly designed abodes by this point. Murphy’s own house on Hart Street that he completed in 2015 also won the Saltire Society Award for Best Single Dwelling New Build. It’s not about the fame for our architect firm, and it shouldn’t be assumed it is for Murphy either, but to have such accolades is proof of the innovation, influence, and impact that Richard Murphy has had.

Below is a list of some of the major projects done by Richard Murphy (by year of design):

  • Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, 1991
  • Maggie’s Edinburgh, Edinburgh, 1994 + 1999 extension
  • Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee, 1996
  • Eastgate Theatre & Arts Centre, Peebles, 1998
  • Caernarfon Arts Centre, Wales, 2000
  • Olorosso Restaurant, Edinburgh, 2001
  • John Muir’s Birthplace, Dunbar, East Lothian, 2001
  • Computer Centre, Merchiston Campus, Napier University, Edinburgh, 2001
  • Tolbooth Arts Centre, Stirling, 2002
  • British High Commission, Sri Lanka, 2008
  • Housing Moore Street, Glasgow, 2008
  • University of East London – Computer and Conference Centre, London, 2009
  • Stratheden Dementia and Mental Health Unit, Fife, 2009
  • Justice Mill Lane Park Inn Hotel and Office Development, Aberdeen, 2011
  • Queen’s University Belfast Postgraduate Accommodation, Belfast, 2012
  • Old See House Mental Health Facility (in association with RPP Architects), Belfast, 2014
  • Postgraduate Housing for The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, 2014
  • Dunfermline Museum and Art Gallery, Fife, 2017

It may be that the world of design and architecture is alien to you, but what hopefully isn’t alien to you is the concept that we are all human beings- we’re all unique in our own ways. Benefitting as many people as possible, aiding them and making them feel like they aren’t just another client or number on a spreadsheet is important to our Shropshire architects and throughout our architect firm. It is clearly at the forefront of Richard Murphy’s mind too. It’s a mindset to admire, and not one to be scoffed at. Remember, the man’s not finished yet- neither are we.

Our Shropshire architects appreciate the House of the Year

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