Riverside house plans – Splish, Splash and a Little Dash (Of Innovation)

They say that the majority of the Earth’s surface is actually covered in water. Shown within the sheer volume of riverside house plans undertaken by our architect firm. This must be great news for Aquaman, after all the chap loves his swimming, but it’s also great news for the rest of us mere mortals because it means, with a little innovation and creativity, that successfully designing and having a riverside house plan approved and completed is not an impossible task. Tricky maybe, but at least it can be done- unlike (as of now) finding Atlantis.

They may call space the final frontier, but even in the last few decades, there have been giant leaps taken in riverside architects projects. Some of the most well-known ones include Mar Adentro in Mexico, AntiRoom II in Malta, The New York City Waterfalls in the US, The Tea Community Centre in China, The Infinite Bridge in Denmark, The Floating Pier in Italy, and The Moses Bridge in the Netherlands. Whilst many of these riverside architects projects are aimed more towards tourism than day-to-day practicality (but that isn’t always the case) there are also common throughlines- a respect for water and an appreciation of nature and the world around us.


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Design by our architect firm for riverside home plans

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Riverside architecture projects may not just be about contemplation and a sense of community though, they may include designing ideas from scratch, or modifying/refurbishing pre-existing structures that have a daily use for business or are projects for an individual that are undergone at their own residency.

The idea of ‘over water’ doesn’t necessarily mean the entire riverside house plan has to be above, or in some way touching, water, but at the very least water will play a key part in the design aspect. This aquatic part of the criteria is not something that our architect firm shy away from tackling when designing a riverside house plan, as has been proven with successful riverside architecture projects already completed and more on the go.

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Previously completed riverside house plan projects not only prove the creative and innovative talent involved with the process at our architect firm, but they also allow for other designers to approach projects in an eco-friendlier and more sustainable mindset too. Being based in Shropshire (though our work spans the UK), we have first-hand experience in dealing with projects that deal with water, most notably as the River Severn is very literally on their doorstep. There has been no sign of Aquaman yet.

As such, each new riverside house plan undertaken by our architect firm aims to be tailored to the needs of the individual with prior knowledge of how to go about designing things. This includes experience of how to create structures safe to exposure to the elements or potential flooding, and knowledge of how water can be utilised to facilitate a certain structure (for example, derelict mills that have been revamped and now work as intended once more).  

Vic Johnson, a lead architect here at are architect firm says; ‘By ensuring each riverside architect project is sustainable with longevity in mind, not only do clients benefit, but so too does the planet’. Our completed riverside architecture projects showcase our skillset and solidify our good reputation, whilst allowing us to further create healthy relationships with clients and communities alike by fulfilling their needs and allowing other projects to come to fruition that benefit all. 


Architect firmArchitect firm

The Dayhouse, Leebotwood. Completed work of design by Johnson Design Partnership, Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

Riverside house plans may differ wildly between each final outcome, but even if similarities arise amongst these – water is always going to be present after all – Our architect firm is about more than just business, it’s about building personal relationships with all involved and creating a healthier planet for all too.  Aquaman would be proud.

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