Our Healthcare Architects can Design Innovative NHS Training Suites

Simulations aren’t only for video games or The Matrix films. The notion of using simulations in the modern age for work purposes is not something as boring as one may assume. Various high-tech pieces of equipment, such as aeroplane flight trainers, allow for numerous potentially dangerous scenarios to be played out in a safe setting.

One such type of simulation are ones that train healthcare workers for a variety of medical procedures. These are done in the safe space of virtual reality or through the use of realistic (but not living) mannequins. Medical staff can gain experience of treating life-threatening situations without the risk of losing a real-life patient when something goes wrong. As they say: knowing is half the battle.

What this all means from an architectural project management standpoint is that somebody needs to be responsible for the design and planning of a simulation suite. Making modifications to a pre-existing simulation suite, or designing one from scratch is no easy feat, but it is an area where our healthcare architects have plenty of experience.

We’ve successfully approved and completed projects that allow for talented individuals in healthcare to prove their credentials and let their creative juices flow. Not only this, but our medical architects took this opportunity to present creative and innovative designs that would go on to aid the masses for many years to come.

Medical Architects

Simulation suite for the Royal Free Hospital (with Suzie the mannequin)

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Why Medical Architects Should Design a Medical Simulation Suite

Technology and medical practices are ever-evolving, and so too must our architects west midlands business adapt to these changes in a meaningful way. What do we mean by that? Well, hospital wards are no longer large rooms with rows upon rows of beds. Hospitals have layouts now. Some equipment is present in patient rooms, others have to be kept or used specially in other areas, such as X-ray devices.

Imagine you are a doctor training to handle an emergency situation. Training in a blank square room that has everything lined up in a neat row is not going to be the same as when you are actually in a cluttered hospital with an intuitive layout. Simulation suites need a plethora of design aspects and actual objects within that mirrors the real-life setting as closely as possible.

That’s without mentioning all the considerations to be made for the medical equipment going inside. However, when you have healthcare architects who have experience designing such areas in real life, you can rest assured that your simulation suite will be as close to reality as possible. Architects Experienced with Healthcare Building Project Management

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Architects Experienced with Healthcare Building Project Management

For our architect’s west midlands business, NHS projects, including simulation suites have become a regular aspect of our work. The picture above showcases just one of our several medical architect’s projects of this type to date. Creativity and innovation, whilst achieving specific healthcare and training criteria, is something our project management team take pride in. I’m sure Susie the mannequin (pictured above) also takes great pride in the service she and her mannequin family provide to those in training.

Each mannequin isn’t exactly an individual, however, the simulation suite projects undertaken by our team certainly are. Innovation is a key philosophy of ours at Johnson Design Partnership, and creating carbon copies of past projects is not something we aim to do. That’s because innovation can inspire others, and what’s good for the advancement of one is good for the advancement of all.

Just like our healthcare architects who have their unique skills and personality, we recognise that each person using a simulation suite is an individual too. They’re just as caring and hard-working as anyone working at our company.

As time goes on, not only do our continued efforts to produce innovative and creatively-designed projects prove the reputable status of JDP, but it also signifies our genuine belief in helping others. Making things as accessible and easy to use as possible is the key to providing a great experience for all involved.

Healthcare architects

TB Clinic ward reconfiguration and refurbishment for the Royal Free Hospital.

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