A Medical Architect’s Well-Designed Maternity Ward Can Make Things More Comfortable

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Raising a child to adulthood and caring for them is not an easy thing to do. Neither is giving birth. Children come in all shapes and sizes, and providing all goes well, the birth of a child can be a magical event for all involved.

Whilst home births are an option people sometimes opt for or, it’s commonplace for those in labour to give birth in a maternity ward. Because it’s an incredibly tough ordeal for many, comfort and reassurance are essential to making the process go smoothly. Labour can be made a little easier nowadays thanks to the wonders of modern medicine.

But also because maternity ward hospital designs and refurbishments are not unknown territory for medical architects like ours. We’re keen to not only showcase our skill sets, but also help those in need manage the challenges they face.

This can be a stressful time for all involved and making the process of childbirth as easy and comfortable as possible is key in good hospital design. A refurbishment for a maternity ward that will be used by many people should make them feel comfortable and at ease. A factory-esque design will only make one feel like another cog in a machine.

What an NHS Architect can Design

Each new maternity ward refurbishment project undertaken by our Shropshire architect firm aims to meet the criteria set by our contractor. Furthermore, we have the goal of being innovative and creative. This allows us to find new ways to ensure that all involved, both patient and staff, are at ease and feel comfortable in their surroundings. What benefits one can and should benefit all.

Refurbishing a maternity ward to bring it up to modern-day specifications is an aspect of design and architecture that our Shropshire architect firm is well-versed with. Numerous maternity ward refurbishments have been successfully completed by us to date, with ongoing projects underway.

There are plenty of ways to add some individuality or creativity to the ward. Artwork on the walls, and furnishings such as bedside tables, bean bags, or cushions can alter one’s perception of a ward. This allows us to ensure we are designing a ward that is not the same as the one in the hospital in the next town or city. It also feels more like a place of safety and haven than just a clinical hospital area.

There will always be some similarities in a completed hospital design or refurbishment as we have to meet specific equipment and safety standard procedures after all. For example, the number of beds in a room, and the positioning of equipment in relation to them. Similarly, birthing pools and private rooms (where the birth takes place) have restrictions on where they can be placed and how they are laid out.

By incorporating innovation and creativity into a refurbishment project, we can showcase our reputable skillset. We are more than capable of adhering to the strict criteria we are also given. It’s not an easy act to balance, but it’s one we’ve managed to do in the past. There are going to be countless numbers of people using the wards our NHS architects design and none of them want to be any more stressed or worried than they have to be.

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