Hospital Designs Aren’t the Most Welcoming of Places, but That’s Not to Say They Can’t Offer Home Comforts Away From Home

Hospital designs from an healthcare architect

Children are the future, so we are told. However, whilst the future may look very different to the world we live in right now, largely due to there not being a robot revolution on the immediate horizon, sometimes illness or accidents occur which result in a child having to be sent to hospital. Sometimes a child may need to spend time in a Paediatric High Dependency Unit (PHDU) or the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), but there are times when they only have to be kept in the Paediatric Ward, which is still unsettling for even the toughest of tots, our architect firm has set out to make a hospital design as comfortable as possible for all children that may need to reside here for a period of time.

You must consider though that without rain (i.e., your child having to be sent to a Paediatric Ward) there cannot be flowers that bloom. The flowers in this example may be very literal, or more so there’s a metaphor here about how the hospital design for a Paediatric Ward can be brighter and more welcoming to a child and the family than they may have initially thought. This may help alleviate some initial worries about staying in a hospital. Plus, if there are actual flowers there, that’s surely enough to make anyone smile- except maybe Scrooge (or more concerningly, those with allergies).

accessible design of a hospital design

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It’s not an unknown realm to explore when it comes to either making modifications to pre-existing Paediatric Wards or healthcare architects designing them from scratch- to skilled architects and be creative with their accessible design at least. It’s no easy feat, with various criteria to meet when looking at a hospital design and all the red tape malarky to adhere to (though this is probably for the best, given the context). However, that doesn’t mean that creative talent and innovation can’t also shine through, which is something tout architect firm is certainly stocked up on- some would say more so than a hospital has face masks, but this remains unconfirmed.

It doesn’t matter what the reasoning for a child staying in the Paediatric Ward is, whether it’s a similar ailment to another, or unique to them, what’s most important (something our architect firm recognises), is that they know we aren’t all mindless drones- that’s the apocalypse yet to come. With that individuality in mind, however, comes the consideration of a fine balancing act when looking at a hospital design project.

Due to the high numbers of children that will be in and out of a Paediatric Ward over even the course of a few months, designing an area individual to every single one would be virtually impossible. However, our healthcare architects believe there is still a positive way of considering things because a Paediatric Ward project can still cater to the needs of a child in a more general sense and allow for an accessible design with a sense of individuality for those inside during their stay.

accessible design for healthcare architecture

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Our Healthcare Architects Provide an Accessible Design in a Creative Form

For example, the positioning of equipment in relation to each bed, and the number of beds inside a Paediatric Ward, may have to stick to a rigid set of criteria, but there are ways to make even this feel more homely. Simple hand-drawn/painted designs on the wall may offer comfort and distraction to a child on the ward, whilst the simple addition of a more creative-looking lamp (not a ‘boring’ office lamp) on a colourful bedside table can make all the difference. Not only that but provided they are allowed to interact with other children and areas within the ward, designing social areas or a games room are even more ways to keep children feeling calm and safe during their stay, whilst also reminding parents and family that it’s understood these are children and they just need some reassurance. This is a notion our architect firm fully supports.

Not only do numerous factors need to be considered when our healthcare architects look at designing a Paediatric Ward in which several children may be in close proximity, but there are also those that may be admitted to a Paediatric Ward but require their own personal room. This could be for a number of reasons, so it’s important to ensure the same standards are met for these individual rooms (which may require very specialist equipment) whilst still allowing for creativity and innovation to shine through and help a child and their families feel more at peace during their stay.

Innovation and creativity are at the forefront of how our architect firm sets about tackling new projects. Numerous hospital design projects that have already been successful and often approved first time showcasing our reputable skillset and talents, but also have the benefit of allowing for others to notice our work and incorporate it into their own accessible design healthcare architecture projects. After all, what benefits one can benefit all. Our architect firm understands it’s about more than business, especially when it comes to the sensitive subject of dealing with a child and loved ones, it’s about building relationships as well as building actual structures.


Floor plan of hospital design by our architect firm


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