Modern Residential Architecture in Coastal Projects

Living by the sea is a location many people dream of. The desire to get away from city life and enjoy the natural beauty of the ocean is what brings people to coastal areas. Whilst having a residency beneath the waves is a pipe dream for now, living in proximity to the ocean is certainly not. In recent years, modern residential architecture projects on the coastline – whether new builds or renovations and adaptation of existing buildings – have become more commonplace. As time progresses, coastal projects could become even more sustainable and have even more longevity to them

This increase in coastal projects means our residential architects at JDP have the opportunity to showcase their talents and prove our worth as a reputable architectural and design firm. The implications for designing and completing projects of this type are largely positive. Our team at Johnson Design Partnership have endeavoured to complete contemporary house design projects that meet the client’s criteria, but crucially ensure safety standards are met too. 

Residential architecture for a coastal project needs to be very different from your standard city building. There are serious hazards and factors unique to the coast that need to be considered in the planning drawings. For example, exposure to the elements is more prominent along the coast and so natural phenomenon such as strong winds and/or heavy rain must be accounted for.

Buildings and structures in contact with seawater must also be adapted to prevent and withstand corrosion, damp, and other structural issues that salt water can bring. It’s important to have strong foundations for any building or structure in a coastal area, as erosion to the coast is a natural occurrence. Without a qualified residential architect experienced with coastal projects analysing these factors, your dream home could go for a dive.

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Planning Drawings for Coastal Building Projects

Fortunately, the talented folk at JDP are more than capable of producing contemporary house designs for coastal projects. Having successfully completed many modern residential architecture projects by the sea, with future ones in mind, we have proven that we are more than capable of adapting our designs to suit the environment we are working in. Tricky though this may be, it hasn’t stopped our team cracking on and letting our creative juices flow.

Whilst designing planning drawings and completing coastal projects, one thing that we had to take into consideration, as they will with future ones, is the initial planning drawings that “case the joint” for the project site. For example, we consider how construction teams and their equipment are going to be able to access the site. If you can’t get the construction equipment to the cliffside to where they need to be, then the modern residential architecture project will most likely be scrapped. Even the toughest of complications and conditions can be successfully overcome with a little planning and forward-thinking.

Our previously completed modern residential architecture coastal projects have allowed us to get creative in how we blend the client’s needs with that of the natural beauty of the coast. With modern residential architecture, a common throughline to coastal projects in that the ever-present factor of the ocean and potential risk factors present. This includes experience in how to create contemporary house designs safe to exposure from the elements

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Contemporary House Designs with Individuality in Mind

Each client is an individual, and we believe in building personal relationships with all those involved. As such, each  modern residential architecture coastal project of this type aims to be tailored to the needs of the individual, using knowledge from previous work to add further innovation and sustainability to each new one. We have an ever-growing understanding of how to make structurally secure coastal projects, whilst making them unique in look and layout.

We ensure each coastal project is sustainable, innovative, built with longevity in mind, and tailored to the client’s needs. Our residential architects have managed to prove themselves in our reputable firm so far, and we continue this trend by further showcasing their skillset and creativity in future projects. 

People want to become more connected with nature, they want to help the planet and know they’ve done their part. They want the joy of being near the sea and all the benefits that come with that, and everyone here at Johnson Design Partnership hopes to help them achieve these dreams.

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