Conservatory Architecture; Closer to Nature and the Stars

Green grass; blossoming flowers, shady trees − these are but some of nature’s delights. Not everyone is able to have these comforts in a back garden, but rooftop conservatories and other intelligent contemporary extension designs are smart workarounds. Over the past few years, rooftop conservatories have become more popular amongst homeowners for several reasons. The first being that it is a creative way to extend your home when space is limited.

A rooftop conservatory can have visibility across far stretches of land. Rather than observing the immediate vicinity at a ground level, a rooftop conservatory allows for a far-reaching view of your surroundings thanks to the height advantage. For many, it’s this advantage in visibility over a ground-floor conservatory that is the appeal of a rooftop one, as they get all the benefits of the former, with the bonuses of the latter.

Our Shropshire architects JDP are no strangers to designing and completing such additions to a building. Elevated conservatory projects should be noted for the implications that come with their completion. It may inspire others have an elevated contemporary extension should they wish.

Conservatory extension built over a driveway by Johnson Design Partnership

How An Extension Architect Can Help

Whilst working on rooftop conservatories over the years, we would say what’s important is to be creative and innovative with the use of space. But what’s more important is to have an experienced extension architect plan and design the conservatory architecture with

longevity and safety in mind. An elevated conservatory needs to conform strictly to building regulations and requirements. You would not want an extension that compromises the structural integrity of your property and the value of it.

For example, if a conservatory is being built upon a roof, then it’s imperative to make sure that it can support the additional weight load. The foundations of the conservatory architecture must be solid and secure. In the case of a completely new build, this is slightly less of a concern. However, with an older property, having our Shropshire architect’s on the case is practically a necessity.

There’s also the weather to consider. Wind and rain have more impact on elevated contemporary extensions. This means designing the structure and using materials able to withstand Mother Nature.

This may sound daunting, but you needn’t worry – it’s for our extension architects at JDP to handle. We have proven ourselves reputable when it comes to designing conservatories in creative ways that meet all standards and regulations. One thing we always consider is the logistics of the operation in the planning phase. An extension has to be made possible with minimal disruption to the surrounding area and any people potentially living there.

Satisfying a client means a job well done. We must pull together, not push apart. Successfully completed conservatory architecture projects can prove to others the viability of sustainable and innovative designs, proving that change isn’t necessarily something to fear. Knowledge and experience mean homes can be modified in newer ways than ever before.

Shropshire architects work on a contemporary extension

Shropshire architects work on a contemporary extension

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