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People often require physical therapy following an accident or illness – in some cases for the rest of their lives. Where a lifelong or degenerative condition requires frequent therapy to manage the condition, it’s important to have their appointments located in an easy-to-access therapy centre. There are therapy centres dotted up and down the country, ready and waiting to welcome patients. Their numbers continue to increase, and several of them were designed by our healthcare architects at Johnson Design Partnership. As time goes on, new and innovative ways for healthcare architects to design therapy centres is an ongoing process that can only improve and benefit everyone.

We have a proven track record of successfully completing therapy centre projects, ranging from planning drawings to further developments past the approval of the initial proposal. Our architect firm is more than capable of meeting criteria and catering to the specific needs of a certain project.

When our medical architects design a therapy centre project there are numerous factors to consider. These can range from the equipment and facilities (private consultation rooms, pools, cardiovascular equipment, rehabilitation devices, weight-based equipment, etc.) to the implementation of areas designed for all. The waiting areas and social spaces in our planning drawings need to allow for people to sit and take a break from their sessions are perhaps equally important as the therapy rooms themselves. 

There’s also parking spaces to consider when looking at healthcare architecture, the number of floors to the building, and access for the mobility impaired, such as the positioning of lifts or rails along the walls. Toilet and washing facilities, and numerous other minute details can make a big difference to patients and their needs. Even the location of the proposed therapy centre can greatly affect the planning drawings in the design process, and it’s with this in mind that experience and innovation come into play. This is why getting an experienced healthcare architect to design these spaces is critical. 

From the medical architects we have at Johnson Design Partnership, considerations for innovation and creativity are at the forefront of our designs and planning drawings for healthcare architecture. Patients in a therapy centre want to feel like human beings and not just like they are part of a medical treatment programme in a sterile environment. That’s why equipment and some design layouts may be similar, but creating carbon copies isn’t what our architect firm sets out to do.

We have a proven track record, as mentioned, of being innovative and creative in our planning drawings and designs. It not only allows us to utilise our skill sets, but acts as a showcase of our talents. 

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