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Family is important. They may come in all shapes and sizes, but that doesn’t mean that one is more ‘normal’ than another. Nobody wants to see those they care about suffering or struggling to do what used to be important or routine for them. As the human race continues to live to an older age (go science!), it has become more prevalent, that we as architects need to consider the life cycle requirements of the users as well as the buildings we design.

It is unfortunately not uncommon nowadays, for people to have to send other family members to some sort of care home or assisted living facility. This can be heartbreaking, even if it may be the best option to improve their quality of life and relieve pressure on their loved ones. However, whilst this may sometimes be the safest course of action, it doesn’t have to be the case every time.

We have a wealth of experience on projects that serve to enable adaptation, accessibility and lifelong living within both domestic projects through to healthcare architecture. Bringing many benefits to those at home who may otherwise have to leave.


Healthcare building design

New build home by Johnson Design Partnership incorporating accessibility architecture and lifelong-living features

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Improved Modifications for Accessibility Architecture

Making modifications to a house or residency that falls under the category of ‘adaptation’, and ‘lifelong living’ is an aspect of accessible design and healthcare architecture that is becoming increasingly commonplace and, as such, allows for talented individuals to not only showcase an understanding of how and why these implementations need to be done but gives them an opportunity to present a creative and innovative design that may go on to aid many more people than just an initial client.

When designing your new home, accessibility may not be a major concern. However, good design features such as flush floor finishes, wider corridors, intuitive lighting, and even indoor air filtration will elevate the quality of life for anyone that uses the building and subtly allow the building to be user-friendly for all walks of life. Future planning will save you lots of money later down the line if, for example, space is already considered for a lift or other adaptations in later life.

Think of adaptation and accessibility as ingredients for a cake, whilst lifelong living is the final sponge that pops out of the oven. Adaptation may range from more simple projects like ensuring stairlifts are put in place to allow for access to upper levels of a residency, or the widening of doors and opening up of smaller spaces that would make those with certain disabilities or complications able to move around more freely. These are all aspects that we at Johnson Design Partnership consider when planning for an accessible design. Lower mobility, for whatever reason, means cupboards and drawers may need to be adapted, or lower floors fitted with suitable sleeping arrangements.

Projects like these have become a key staple of our work. We have numerous accessible architecture projects and new build lifelong homes successfully under our belt to date and more in the design and planning process. There’s no shortage of creativity in our accessible design department, nor a lack of knowledge. To extend the cake metaphor, we could be an established and reputable bakery by this point.


Accessibility architecture

New build Eco Forever Home in open countryside. Planning and Detailed Design by Johnson Design Partnership. The design is very flexible and allows adaptations e.g. opportunities to add/remove partitions or a lift etc. 

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Johnson Design Partnerships Contribution to Accessible Architecture

Each new project undertaken by ourselves aims to be tailored to the needs of the individual. We consider not just what is adapted and/or installed, but HOW it looks. Just as each person is an individual, so too are their tastes. Whilst certain aspects of such projects may have similarities, innovation is a key philosophy of ours. Creating a carbon copy of what’s already come before is out of the question. A particular wet room that needs to be installed may feature a nautical design on the wall, or maybe something completely different, whatever the case- if it can be dreamed, it can be done, through accessibility architecture (except maybe breathing underwater, don’t try that at home).

This innovation whilst meeting the criteria and needs of a client allows us to balance considerations of specific, and often sensitive, conditions. We aim to produce something that will not only benefit the initial client, but drives forward new ideas for generations to come. Meaning adaptation, accessibility and lifelong living projects have the opportunity to become comfortable and easy to live in. All thanks to accessibility architecture advancements.

Our team at Johnson Design Partnership is eager (and skilled enough) to contribute to the benefit of all. Our boss, Vic Johnson himself said: ‘As time goes on, further successful adaptation, accessibility and lifelong living projects promote their past works and showcase to others that they are reputable and skilled. Whilst also benefitting everyone by finding newer and better ways of incorporating adaptation and accessibility into lifelong housing projects’.

To come full circle on the cake metaphor, adaptation, accessibility, and lifelong housing projects can come in all shapes and sizes. Even if there are similarities, it’s about more than business, it’s about a personal relationship with all involved. Ultimately, we want people to feel safe and secure in their own homes when trusting us with your accessibility and healthcare architecture design.

Healthcare Architecture

Example healthcare project by Johnson Design Partnership. This is a Reconfiguration of the existing hospital ward to create a new Physiotherapy Unit.

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