Discharge & Transport

The Discharge Lounge Waiting Area & Transport Suite is at the forefront of a multi-million pound scheme to regenerate the internal spaces of the Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead, London.

We aimed to generate a form which will not only shape and create a stimulating, energising and exciting internal space; but also provide clinically functional, safe and efficient spaces for a hospital. Waiting spaces for patients seemed to be a key design issue – Not many people could say it would be their favourite place in the world! It was this issue which triggered our drive to create as stimulating an environment as possible for the patients using the facility.
With this in mind the overall curvaceous form aims to generate an ‘element of interest’ and perception for waiting patients that time is passing much more quickly.

We aimed to create an internal layout which is efficiently composed, fully accessible for all staff + patients with varying levels of permeability. The suggested layout designs allow for 1-5 members of staff depending upon requirement. This is due to its central location providing a 360° view and access to the whole internal space – meaning minimum levels of staff can safely multi-task with complete control of all areas within the facility.

The arrows on the plans indicate where the staff member could welcome, serve, help, access and provide services for patients, visitors, other staff, etc. Through cleverly opening up the form around the central staff area we aimed to create an element of permeability between the two spaces without jeopardising privacy.

We aimed to utilise materials which have the appropriate health + hygiene attributes, but also offer excellent aesthetic quality. Whilst the materials used are intended to mitigate the spread of bacteria throughout the facility it is key that they also prove to be engaging + interesting. Through selecting intriguing key views/photographs taken from Hamstead Heath, the nearby ancient London park, we hope to enhance the interior space. Presenting these images in a bespoke manner using graphic printed panels in the central feature wall and organically shaped images on the exterior walls we aim to make best use of these photographs. These images will be seamlessly entwined into the fabric of the space to create an exciting + analogous internal aesthetic.

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