Paragraph 80 (formerly Paragraph 79 projects)

Johnson Design Partnership Ltd is currently making a number of site visits assessing sites for potential Paragraph 80, (formerly Paragraph 79 projects).

Paragraph 80, (PARA 80), is an exception in the planning system that may allow you to build a new house in the countryside. You will be required to justify that your proposal meets the stringent requirements set out in Paragraph 80 to gain approval for an exceptional dwelling within an isolated setting.

You need to adopt a meticulous design-led approach to gain planning consent under Paragraph 80. When preparing your planning application, you need to pay special consideration in terms of:

  1. Location of the site,
  2. Building design
  3. Construction technologies;
  4. Visual impact on the countryside;
  5. Landscape design.

Luckily Johnson Design Partnership Ltd has recently achieved Planning Permission on a single application without appeal for Paragraph 79 house, (forerunner of Paragraph 80)!

Whilst gaining such approval, Johnson Design Partnership Ltd has discovered that each potential Paragraph 80 brings its own unique set of challenges. An exceptional dwelling within an isolated setting is challenging but certainly not impossible.

There is no formula for providing standard answers for Paragraph 80 homes. Each application has its own unique set of circumstances, which will be independently assessed by the local planning authority or the Planning Inspectorate.

You can rest assured if you appoint us to work on your Paragraph 80 House project, we will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to justify why your proposal should be granted consent.

← This PARA79 project by Johnson Design Partnership Ltd gained planning permission first time!

If you want to create something special, drop us an email or call 01746 768191 and we can talk you through the process and make your dreams become a reality.

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