Planning consent for Paragraph 79 (now Paragraph 80)

Countryside new build

We are very excited to be featured not once but twice in the Architects Journal! (A very respected national architecture magazine.) The articles relate to our successful Paragraph 79 and now Paragraph 80 planning application. It is lovely to see our work appreciated by not only the local community but also by our architectural peers.

Under the conditions of the National Planning Policy Framework, to gain planning consent for such a designer scheme in green belt, the project must be assessed and according to Paragraph 79, which this month was updated to Paragraph 80; judged as being of exceptional quality, as truly outstanding and to reflect the highest standards in architecture. It must also help to raise the standards of design more generally in rural areas, significantly enhance its immediate setting and be sensitive to the defining characteristics of the local area.

Article Links:

Johnson Design Partnership wins approval for Para 79 house in rural Shropshire

‘Innovative’ requirement in country house clause scrapped



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