Cul-de-sac’s and potato prints

Bridgnorth Architect Vic Johnson of Johnson Design Partnership Ltd….

Bridgnorth Architect Vic Johnson of Johnson Design Partnership Ltd used a BBC radio interview today to hit out at what he called;

‘The mass house builders obsession with ensuite bathrooms and cul-de-sac’s’. Vic’s team is responsible for designing numerous residential and one off house projects in Shropshire and London and has recently been visiting a number of new developments across the UK.

He said he had hoped that the recent recession would initiate innovation by the mass house builders but had discovered that this was often not the case.

He had observed schemes seemingly obsessed with en suite bathrooms at every opportunity, strange wiggly road layouts and minuscule gardens. He went on to say that usually his clients start of by saying they want a garden focussed kitchen / living rooms, south light or north light in studios, log burner and eco heating systems. These sort of ideas do not necessitate high cost but the Architect is convinced they lead to greater satisfaction and happiness.

Vic said that the mass houses builders seem to create potato prints of standard house types and then simply ‘plonk’ them on wiggly road across sights without regard for orientation, light or locality. feedback from the radio interview was overwhelmingly positive with many people saying if they won the lottery they would love to build their one house but the Architect said people were often surprised at what they could actually afford to build if they do it themselves.

The Architect said his practice was currently progressing complete three bedroom houses for a contractors lowest price tender price of less than £150,000 excluding site costs and professional fees and people could create a landmark for over £200,000! People often forget they can claim the VAT back on construction costs, excluding professional fees following the self build route.

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