Accessible Housing – Projects to Improve Independent Living for Disabled People and Wheelchair Users.

Johnson Design has looked at various projects to improve independent living for disabled people, and wheelchair users. We have worked on new build projects and adapting existing properties to make them accessible internally and externally to be functional for the inhabitants but also aesthetically pleasing and design orientated as possible and in context with the surrounding environment.

The aim of this project was to provide a home where a family could be reunited and able to live together again following a serious road traffic accident.

The clients existing home could not be adapted to meet the living requirements so a design proposal has been created to build a new home in the garden which will enable the family to live together once again with healthcare at home to maximise independent living.

The site is situated within the historic town of Bridgnorth and within the conservation area so the design has needed to be sympathetic to the surroundings as well as being an accessible home. The design features a low-profile sedum roof, as well as old English bricks for the first level and stone brick walls to the lower level.

By utilising locally sourced materials, the building will blend into the surroundings and the choice of roof will reduce the impact.

The building first and foremost is of course a home, which is reflected in the maximised natural light, shared living space and the outstanding views, with two outside terrace areas providing safe access to fresh air.

Internally, everything has been designed to ensure accessibility and to make living as inclusive as possible, with underfloor heating and natural materials such as wood or stone flooring to reduce dust, creating a healthier environment.

The team has found it incredibly rewarding to design a one off bespoke accessible home. Creating designs that balance attractive design features with improved accessibility for disabled people and wheelchair users, enabling independent living and healthcare at home is a privilege as it is promoting and building a wider more inclusive society.

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