About us

At Johnson Design Partnership Ltd, our foundations are as important as those of our buildings: the bedrock for our pursuit of quality and excellence.

Our belief in respecting people, materials and surroundings ensures all our projects, whether residential, commercial or educational, have a positive impact on the lives of those who use them.

We are committed to these principles in the sound knowledge that architecture has to be as sensitive as it is landmark.

Yet our signature is not just left to the exterior. Inside our buildings we understand the importance of connection and interaction; exploring the use of ergonomic materials to enhance the relationship between the user and their new environment.

Our passion leaves not only the building with integrity but the entire community in which it sits.

The Team

The Directors have a hands-on approach to management and maintain client facing roles while also acting as ambassadors for the partnership. Together they lead the team of highly skilled Architects, technicians and supportive staff to deliver successful projects which aim to exceed all client expectations.